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Become fleet footed. Agile for teams, for research, and for the enterprise ...

Delight your users. Be effective rather than just efficient ...

Cultivate a systems view. Connect across diversity in networks to support complex creativity ...

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Architecting Agile

For development and organizations

Get fleet-footed in software, research, and management with standups, stories, backlogs, and scrum practices

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Designing Experience

User-centered experience design

Optimize services and systems for users through experiential research, persona development, and information architecture

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Regenerating Enterprise

Sustainability and beyond

Helping biophilic enterprises use regenerative design to turn waste into profit and shift to generative economics

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Catalyzing Innovation

For products, services, & portfolios

Unleashing creative potential in staff and design teams using research-backed patterns from nature and bioculture

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Catalyst Northwest is a consulting group enabling enterprise strategic focus, user experience design, program & portfolio management, accessibility, creativity coaching, and regenerative enterprise solutions in the Pacific Northwest. ...

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We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

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